Hire Me

Hire me.  I rock.  Here’s why.

    • Freelance Work:
      My standard “from scratch” fee is .25 cents a word, but I’m willing to work within a variety of budgets, especially for longer pieces.  I’ve sold magazine articles, speeches, and short stories.  I have to be honest – editing a pre-existing work is cheaper than coming up with something from scratch.  My standard fee for editing is $25 an hour, unless you want an immediate turnaround.
    • Ghostwriter:  
      Anything you can say, I can say better.  (Sorry, I had to.  Also, if you don’t recognize that quote, then you probably aren’t into musicals.)  Look, there are a lot of awesome writers out there, some of them better than me.  So…why hire me?

      Well, here’s the thing.  I’m very, very, very good at taking a sample of your writing and producing content which sounds like you…. only better.  I can capture and retain your writing “voice” while still adding professional polish.

    • Copywriter:  If you want to reach out to your target market and have them actually read what you have to say, instead of just skimming through it… well, pick me.  I kick butt at this kind of stuff.



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