Yaaay! It’s Fixed!….Sort of…


When you type in “www.beckybeanwrites.com” you show up here…. and that’s cool….

But it still displays the wordpress url up above.

But you know what?  That’s good enough for me right now.  It’s not giving me a 404 message, and that’s a HUGE improvement.  I’m also getting my email again, which is also another HUGE improvement. Thank you, Bean, for fixing this despite not having a single moment to breathe because of busy season.


And in case any of you guys out there know the answer…..

I bought my url through NameCheap.  I also bought my handy-dandy fancy email address:  becky@beckybeanwrites.com.

I’m switching my interim website (one day I’ll do self-hosted wordpress.org and be all fancy, but not today) over to WordPress.com… and for everyone else who doesn’t know, here you go:

  1. WordPress.org is where it’s self-hosted.
  2. WordPress.com is where WordPress hosts it.
  3. I’m not even going to tell you how long it took and how many WordPress.org articles I read before I figured it out the difference.

Anyways, now that I’ve saved you hours upon hours of ignorance and frustration, the process to make a WordPress.com show your fancy URL is to buy this thingie called “Map a domain”…. but in order to map a domain to show my fancy NameCheap url, I had to switch the DNS over to WordPress…..

But when I did that I lost access to my email which is through NameCheap and holy crap why are you reading this? I’m literally so bored just typing this that I can’t even pay attention to myself.

I don’t see professional website design in my future any time soon.


I will point out that I finally have my rotating headers, so that’s thrilling.  I’ve been jealous of people with rotating headers since, like, 2012.  And now I have them.  I’m sure it says something not-very-complimentary of me that rotating headers make me this excited, but I can’t even bring myself to care.

Dude.  My URL may be broken(ish) but I HAVE ROTATING HEADERS.

I mean, admit it.  You guys are pretty jealous of me.


5 thoughts on “Yaaay! It’s Fixed!….Sort of…

  1. Uh, I could have told you the difference about WordPress. org and .com. I have a .org site but I pay a nice chunk of change to a hosting company so I don’t have to deal with any headaches.
    The site looks nice. Now you can get back to more important things – like writing articles for publication.


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