Kids or Self-Esteem: You Can Only Choose One

“What’s this?”

“That’s my eyebrow, Squid.”

“What’s this?”

“What?  You’re three now.  You know what those are.”

“No, you tell me.  Please?”

“Fine.  Those are lips.”

“What’s this?”


“What’s this?”

“That’s my neck.”

“What’s this?”


“What’s this, Ma?”

“Squid, you know that one.  Chin.”

“What’s this?”

“…. Uh, that’s my chin.”

“No, this your chin.  What’s this?”

“Uh… my neck?”

“No, Ma.  This your neck.  What’s THIS?”


“Ma, tell me.  What’s this?  WHAT’S THIS?”

“….. that’s my double chin.  Go away.  I’m done playing.”


11 thoughts on “Kids or Self-Esteem: You Can Only Choose One

  1. I seriously dread dread dread this stage, lol. Just when I'm sort of getting my self esteem in check…WHAM…toddler!

    So far, she just says “Ewwww” after she asks me to open my mouth and she takes a peak.



  2. Bwhahaha. I love stories about your boys, although now that my own is here I am torn between laughing hysterically at (with???) your situations and beating down a slight feeling of uneasiness as I realize that could be me in a few years…


  3. Then there's those other days — “Look Mom! You're on TV!.” And find my lovely, wonderful,intelligent and insightful three-year-old daughter pointing to Daisy Fuentes. Why yes, she did get a cookie.


  4. My favorite: “why are there gouges on your face?” What 5 year old uses the word “gouge”?? They're wrinkles, and I have so earned them… 😉


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