Mean ol’ Husband

My husband’s a total jerk.

Yeah, I’m looking at you, Bean.

Look what’s for sale on Craigslist right now:


That mare, who is four years old, is only $1000.

Here’s a video of her when she had 30 days put on her, back in July.  It’s her 10th ride – she’s a little busy with her head, but I think it might be a product of the way she’s being ridden – not that I am saying I could do any better. I’m not trying to bash the rider, just excuse the horse, if that makes sense. 

I told Bean if we got her, I’d never ask for another Christmas or birthday present ever again, and that I’d greet him at the door with a gin and tonic every day, and never accidentally get pregnant with any more kids that cost lots of money….

but noooooo.

He said no.  Actually, what he said is “we can afford to buy her, but not feed her.”

Apparently he thinks silly little things like “paying the mortgage on time” and “buying regular groceries for the kids” are more important than this:

I don’t know what the rest of you think, but it’s obvious to me he has his priorities all mixed up.

Food, schmood. 

Look at that face.
Well, I’m gonna show him.  I’m so gonna get accidentally pregnant, with twins, just to spite.  You hear me, Bean?  Twins.  And I’m gonna make them redheaded boys this time, too.
And when this house is full of four screaming boys, all of them hitting, and pushing, and trying to shove the newspaper down the toilet and overflow it on purpose (like the Squid did yesterday) well, then you’ll be sorry.
Pay the mortgage…..mumble mumble….. stupid responsible accountant…. mumble…..

Sigh.  Being a grown-up sucks sometimes.


11 thoughts on “Mean ol’ Husband

  1. VERY cute horse! I can see why you are enamored with her.

    But, I really do have to agree with Bean. The cheap part is the purchase price. This one would need lots of training before she was really “fun”, if you know what I mean. 🙂

    The time will come, Becky. Hang in there! I hope you have found some places in the Portland area that allow you to get your horse fix until then???


  2. Oh, she is gorgeous. I can see why you want her.

    Twins sound like something that would happen to you. Maybe you ought to not jinx yourself. Idiot.

    It will happen eventually. The horse – not the twins. Although knowing your luck, both at once.


  3. That whole “being a grown-up” thing?

    I don't know word one about it.


    Also: what are you doing, shopping Craigslist, when you know that I shall skin you alive and keep your scalp as a trophy if you should bring home a non-Standardbred?

    Hmmm. That red hair would look pretty awesome on my war-belt.


  4. True. But because you chose the Bean and stuck with him, you are within a year of getting your own pony. Whereas I continue to beat myself up by browsing real estate ads, even though I'm years and years away from that.
    But there is real pity-she's gorgeous! But the right one will come soon!


  5. I think the horse is cute in her photos, but I wasn't impressed at ALL with the video. I do think Bean has his priorities backwards though. Silly mortgage. It can wait 😛


  6. Cute horse, though I can't say I understand what the rider was doing in much of the video. Then again, I have never trained a horse from the ground up.

    It's just a matter of time, Becky. I hear ya – I look at the CL horses all the time.


  7. We will get it figured out to get my girl moved up by you so you can have your pony therapy. I really hope your husband appreciates me after you're a nicer, more pleasant wife because you had your pony time. Because, we know it won't last forever. And then you'll need your own pony when she comes home to me.


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