Think He’d Buy It?

What if I told The Bean that she followed me home?

Hmm.  That might be a bit of a stretch, considering I live in California and she’s situated over in West Virginia.

What if I told him that she had the ability to predict winning lottery tickets, and then when it didn’t pan out I could just tell him that she lost the ability, like a little kid losing his baby teeth?

Or, hmmm…

What if I told The Bean that I pet her too much and her owners refused to take her back, saying she didn’t “smell” right anymore?  I mean, birds do that, right?  Think he’d buy it?

Of course, I’d still have to come up with the money to buy her.  I’ll worry about where I’ll actually keep her later.

Maybe I could hold a bake sale?  Would anybody like to buy some brownies?    That should be enough to raise the money, right? Would anybody like to buy a $650.00 brownie? Maybe two?  Let me know ahead of time how many you want – I need to head over to the grocery store to pick up a couple of boxes. 


I mean, look how happy it’d make me.


Horselessness sucks.


7 thoughts on “Think He’d Buy It?

  1. I have 2 horses and I STILL drool! The price on my filly just WAY dropped and I want her now! Sucks that she's so far away and that I'm full up on horses right now for our space! *pout*

    I like your filly. She's cute!


  2. She's sure pretty. But is she SENSIBLE? That's my question.

    You could tell him that you bought a raffle ticket to support (insert name of Bean's favorite charity) and she was the prize.


  3. Very cute. No ideas on how to get her in your yard as I'm also horseless (if anyone has any ideas I'd love to hear them). Personally I'm more of a gov't bred/Brunk/ Lippitt kinda girl but the Lamberts are very athletic and have that nice blond thing going on… My husband knows there will be a Morgan in our yard at some point. He's made it clear that he want the biggest horse he can find when that happens so tiny Morgan will have a giant buddy. Should be fun.


  4. Of course he will believe you! You are the mother of his beautiful wonderful children! Why would you ever deceive him? Plus-he gets an advanced degree, you get…an amazing pretty pony!


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