Not Everyone Owns a Lear Jet…..

Larry Trocha .

I first learned about him on this post from Fugly Horse of the Day. She referred to this newsletter and called him a hero. I liked what I read, so just for kicks I signed up for his newsletter. You know what? I’m glad I did. I am really enjoying reading it several times a week. He’s got great, down to earth advice. He stops just short of telling you exactly how to deal with problems – he gives you overall advice, and if you have enough knowledge and background with horses you can figure out the rest. If you don’t, well, he always recommends one of his videos that will give you the tools to address the problem. The word on the street is that these videos are actually pretty helpful. I’ve seen a few snippets of the videos on his site, and I’m pretty impressed. I’m planning on buying one of his videos and trying it out, as soon as I figure out which one to get.

So, why am I writing about him?

This morning, I woke up and read this newsletter.

And then I scrolled down to peruse the comments, and I found this little gem (if it’s too small for you to read, click on it):

Best. Response. EVER.


10 thoughts on “Not Everyone Owns a Lear Jet…..

  1. Loved his article on respect. Can't believe how many times I have to try to explain how this works to some well meaning begginer who's sweet friendly horse is now a big creep because they let it push them around. Stormy for example…


  2. I was playing around on craigslist today and saw a lcoal ad saying that their horse was in traing with Larry Trocha. I just realized that Larry is only about an hour away from me. Who knew?


  3. I do not agree. The guy can afford to feed and take of vet bills. That is good, we have two horses that will be fed. Do you want to take care of these horse? He knows he needs help with them so that is another plus. What is wrong with telling him to go to the library and read….go to a local barn and enlist the help of young, knowledgable people to help? In a time when there are so many horses going to auction, we should not be so judgemental. I had a woman have a horse just wander into her pasture. No one came for it. She has had it for 3 years now. She knew nothing about horses but she asked for help from the vet, the farrier, and from me. We were all glad to give advise. I see nothing wrong with that.


  4. Heya Redneck,

    For the record, the reason I took so long in responding is because I responded with my phone in witty, light-hearted detail – it was actually kind of a long response (several paragraphs).

    I clicked “Publish”.

    My phone ate the comment.

    I got grumpy and didn't bother retyping it until I was in the passenger seat of the car on a long drive.

    I used my phone again.


    So, if this doesn't sounds grumpy and kind of forced—it's not my fault! I hate technology.

    Anyways, I agree with you – the guy is on a great path. It's wonderful that he's asking questions, and I think if he does exactly what your friend did, he'll end up in a really great place. I never really took any lessons – everything I have learned has either been from books/internet or from really kindhearted people who took the time to help me out. He SHOULD be looking for information, and talking to people, and reading books, and relying on others' wisdom when he's feeling lost.

    What he shouldn't be doing is contacting a professional and giving him a big ol' long sob story and basically trying to emotionally manipulate/shame Larry into giving away his products/services for free, ESPECIALLY because his appeal followed up a pretty informative FREE newsletter that Larry had just given him. After all, Larry has his own horses to feed.

    For the record, I don't think Larry was really telling him to get rid of his horses. I think he was just calling him out on being a mooch. I dig that 🙂


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