Enunciation: Part Two

The DragonMonkey loves trucks. They have wheels, they roll, you can crash them into things…what’s not to love?

Trucks, Trucks, Trucks. It’s even fun to say.

Except he can’t pronounce “r”s.

And he pronounces “t”s as “f”s.

So, what does truck sound like when you remove the “r” and replace the “t” with an “f”?

I’ll give you a moment to sound it out in your head.

Okay, Is everyone with me?


In the interest of keeping this blog semi-clean, I’m just gonna go ahead and write “truck“. You guys can use your imaginations as to how the following conversations sounded in real life.

“Mama! Want my TRUCK! My TRUCK!”

Then, after he had finished playing with it, he politely tried to share with me, handing me the plastic yellow truck with a huge grin: “Truck? Truck you? Truck Mama?”

Naturally, in the interest of sharing, it’s always nice to give Bad Max a turn with the toy:

“Mama give TRUCK to doggie? Doggie truck? DOGGIE TRUCK? DOGGIE TRUCK!”

My favorite conversation occurred in the grocery store, after I took away his toy truck for throwing it at people:

TRUUUUUUUUCK!!!!! MY TRUUUUUCK! MAMA, MY TRUCK!” (keep in mind that we are in a very crowded grocery store at this point and that the DragonMonkey is impossibly loud when he’s angry.) “Mama, TRUCK! Truck now! Now, mama. TRUCK! Truck to me! Truck me! TRUCK! ME TRUCK! TRUCK ME! NO TRUCK YOUTRUCK ME! “


9 thoughts on “Enunciation: Part Two

  1. He's not alone. There are plenty of kids that can't pronounce truck. DragonMonkey is ADORABLE though, so it has to be cute coming from him.


  2. Ya my son did the same thing.

    He would yell, at the top of his little squeaky voice, BIG FIRE *UCK every time he saw one from the window of the car. Of course the window was down and we were stopped at a traffic light surrounded by cars. With their windows down.

    I'm saving lots of naked baby pictures and black mail stories for his wedding, payback will be mine BBBBWWWWWHHHHAAAAHHHAAAAAA


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