Sigh (<—that’s the two year old sighing, not me.)


“Are you saying ‘I want’?”


“Well, then say it like that. Say ‘Iiiii’.”




“Say ‘I waaaanT'”

“I waaaaaan.”

“Close enough, DragonMonkey. Now, what do you want?”

“Wan Man-key.”





“You want your blankey?”


“Well, then say it right. ‘Iiii waaaanT my BBLLLLLLLLLLLLankey, please.'”


“Say it right or you don’t get it. Say ‘Buh’. “


“Say ‘LLlllllll’.”


“Say ‘Bllllll’.”


“Say ‘Blllllll-ankey!’.”


“BLAAAAAAAAANKEY, DragonMonkey! It’s BLLLLLLANKEY! Not Bull-Monkey, not Man-key, BLANKEY!”

“Yup! Yaaaay, Mama!” Clap, clap, clap.

SIIIIIGH. I’m so glad my two year old approves of the way I pronounce ‘blankey’. It’s good to know he thinks I’m doing at least one thing right.


5 thoughts on “Enunciation

  1. They get so frustrated when we don't understand what in the world they are saying! I love that look of “Really mom, I was being so clear and yet you give me x instead of y. What were you thinking?”


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