A picture’s worth a thousand words.

So that means a video’s worth, what, a million words?

In that case, I am totally overachieving this week.

First, the cast of characters – I thought I’d do a test run at videotaping all three of us before I got to the meat of the explanation. After all, I’m sitting in a chair, holding two kids and using one arm to take a video with my cell phone camera. I figured I should do a test run. I decided to ask the DragonMonkey a few questions showing off how cute he is and how he says “Nonope” instead of “oatmeal”.

Instead, I got a video of a two-year-old who spits and says oatmeal perfectly clear. Ah, such is life.

And now for the explanation:

Anyways, I’m off to go drag my tired carcass into bed. I’ll leave you with a photo from this weekend – Guess who I got to meet?


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