Stupid Books. Stupid Cliffhangers.


Face puffy.

Eyes gritty.

Light too bright.

How am I going to be productive at work today?!


I stayed up much too late to finish the book , and it ended on a stupid cliffhanger. The next book won’t be available until the 24th…


Face puffy…

Eyes swollen and gritty…

Light too bright…

I’ve gotta find a way to break into Suzanne Collins’ house and steal the finished manuscript…

But first:



8 thoughts on “Stupid Books. Stupid Cliffhangers.

  1. Oh Becky! I know your devastation well. I always get so enthralled in books that I ignore everyone and everything until I'm finished. Ha, I used to get so hooked on those scandalous VC Andrew's books in my early teens – lol!


  2. I feel your pain.

    In fact, I do believe that I *warned you* that there would be pain.


    If you check out the audiobook editions of Hunger Games (books 1 and 2), you can listen to the stories again while you're waiting. It helps. A little.

    (quit buying stuff. your public library has this for free! go there! Katniss will understand.)


  3. I'm glad I'm not alone in the desperation… And AareneX, I *would* go to the library, but it makes me sad to confess it's actually CHEAPER for me to buy the books.

    I've already been sent to collections twice for debt I've owed the library. If I get a third one on my credit, the Bean will probably divorce me. I'd say I've probably paid in the neighborhood of about $1,000 in library fines since I've turned 18. Some people can't be trusted with credit cards… I can't be trusted with library cards 😦


  4. I feel your pain! Those writers need to get off their duffs and churn out more than one a year–so help me. They get us hooked on their books and…..wham-six months til the next one. (They do it on purpose, I swear) I am lucky in that I pay for my library card so–no late fees! Yay!


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