What the Heck is This????

So, like the complete narcissist I am I was googling “Blog of Becky” to see if anyone had talked about me.

Yes. I’m stuck up. WHATEVER. Y’all know you do it, too. There’s just something so gratifying about it…

At any rate, I found this WEIRD mirror site of my blog… it’s kind of my blog… but not quite…. It’s the same content, only it’s now in weird, semi-illiterate Jane Eyre/Pride and Prejudice type English.

Can anyone tell me what this is?

My REAL blog post

Strange, vaguely mesmerizing version of my blog post

Ugh. Now that I’ve reread both of them, I think the weird version is actually more fun to read. How sad is that?

James spent the terminal digit hours of my agitate hollering out, “You dislike black people! You told me you wouldn’t help me any beverage because I’m BLACK!” at the crowning of his lungs to anyone who happened to stray nearby him. Ha, ha, ha. I guess it serves me correct for making the jape in the prototypal place. Karma had its revenge, and I scholarly a rattling priceless lesson.

It did serve me right for making the jape, and in such a prototypal place. SIGH. I definitely scholarly a rattling, priceless lesson.


4 thoughts on “What the Heck is This????

  1. It looks like it's been translated into half a dozen different languages before being changed back to english. Very Odd.

    You could probably talk to blogger about your content being scraped if you wanted it taken down though.


  2. that is completely bizarre.

    You know what it reminds me of? Word Verifications!

    WV: umplebaw
    those little cement blocks in parking lots designed to break off the bottom part of car fenders if drivers pull in a little bit too far.


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