Thank you, Google Analytics

I really needed to know that the last few people who clicked on my site were googling:

Big Sexy Girls

How not to live your life as a stripper

I want to know Edwina the Emu’s babies

and for the WIN:

Jailbait blogs


5 thoughts on “Thank you, Google Analytics

  1. Oh yeah. I stopped looking at mine long ago, it was creeping me out.

    I get a lot of 'baby p*rn' searches (I did a jellybaby porn post ages ago. jellybabies are lollies) and TONS about ben wa balls.


  2. Veronica,

    This is one of those instances when I am quite certain you aren't pretending to be from another country.

    I understood about 20% of your comment.

    Here's a rough translation of what I read:

    “I get a lot of 'baby p*rn searches (I did a makesnosense porn post ages ago. Makesnosense are havenoidea) and TONS about youmadeupthisword balls.”



  3. Aaaaah! It's not even six in the morning here! Why the heck did I google Ben Wa balls this early in the morning??? My brain hurts now! You owe me a Starbucks!


    Oh, wow. I just realized I think I own one of those Ben Wa balls things. Someone gave me some for my bachlorette party (as a joke gift— they clearly had the $3.99 price tag still on them. Discount Ben Wa balls. GROSS.)

    The directions on the box said “Use to stimulate and enhance your sex life” and had a picture of a nealry-nude woman on there, placing the balls on her tummy with a suggestive look.

    I remember pulling them out of the box later on with the hubby, and both of us stared at them in confusion for awhile, dangling them from their strings and clacking the balls together. We hypothesized and made some tasteless jokes (and I'm sure even hit on their real use without knowing it), and then tossed them to the side in favor of predictable happy-fun-time that we both could understand.

    I wonder if I kept it or threw it away? I'm gonna go ransack the closet to find them, so I can terrorize my husband when he comes home tonight. “Bring your booty closer! Mama wants some Ben Wa fun time! Why are you running? Come here! I know how to use these now… I read it on Wikipedia! I'm an expert!”


  4. Hahahahaha… Well, back when I was actively posting to the Carpenter Creek blog, I posted photos of my sheep…and I'll just let your imagination roam where it normally wouldn't concerning THOSE google searches!


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